3504365Imagine a place where creativity gives birth to exciting new sensory experiences. Where ‘sustainable’ isn’t just a buzzword but a daily practice, and new ideas have the chance to thrive.

That’s what Gianpaolo Grazioli makes possible each day he opens the doors at Giapo.

He is passionate about creating once-in-a-lifetime flavours of ice cream that not only achieve perfect harmony in taste, but are also genuinely good for you and the planet.

At Giapo you can experience flavours the world has never heard of, in combinations that you won’t believe are amazing until you’ve tried them.

We are here to surprise your senses, and constantly look for new ways to delight your eyes, ears, nose, and taste-buds.

Read more about Gianpaolo’s story, or get involved by working for us or joining our local food co-op.

Giapo is doing radical, ground-breaking research in our kitchen, and we’d love to have you share in the journey.

“At the heart of Giapo is creativity. We want to engage our customers’ minds, souls, and taste-buds with the beauty of ice cream that surprises the senses. Once you try our ice cream, you’ll start to realise what is possible.”

– Gianpaolo Grazioli