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Water is essential to life, and using the right water is essential for Giapo’s yummy recipe good for you.

Here at Giapo we use Waiwera Water; because we want what tastes good to be good for you on the inside and outside.

When it came to making arguably the worlds finest gelato and smoothies, Giapo could, like some others, have simply turned the tap on to get their water. Instead we, searched for the finest water, (and found probably the finest water in the world), because we knew that scientifically tap water was not up to the job.

A little bit about chlorination and your tap water: Originally liquified chlorine gas was added to treat tap water, but these days it is more likely to be chloramine which is used because it stays in the water for longer. This was done so that water to our homes would be safe to drink preventing mass outbreaks of disease, especially in cities. Of course, it appears that treating drinking water with chlorine (or now chloramine) has worked, you drink tap water and you don’t get sick. However, the story of chlorination does not end there, because although compared to other methods is it is both cheap and effective chlorination actually brings with it serious problems in the long run, and can, in fact, make you very sick.

First a little chemistry to set the scene:

When chlorine is added to your water, it reacts to form a mixture of chlorine, hypochlorous acid and hydrochloric acid

Cl2 + H2O → HOCl + HCl

Depending on the pH, hypochlorous acid partly dissociates to hydrogen and hypochlorite ions:

HClO → H+ + ClO-

In acidic solution, you get Cl2 and HOCl while in alkaline solution you get ClO- with very small concentrations of ClO2-, ClO3-, ClO4-also found.

(ClO – chlorine monoxide.)

For those of you who are not fond of a chemical formula ( I personally had to go through the book again), then this shows that chlorine reacts in water to form other things. In the real world, where water is H2O and a whole lot of things dissolved into it, there are many more reactions. Water has to be monitored when it is chlorinated to ensure there are not too many toxic by-products, and testers have to make sure they are protected against the toxic fumes produced!

Of course many are quick to write off stories of health problems from chlorinated water as scare tactics from the lunatic fringe. However, the World Health Organisation itself recognises that chlorination is not all good. In the “Background document for development of WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality” it recognises that chlorination of water is linked to: the triggering of asthma in children, unhealthy cholesterol ratios (raising the risk of heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure), and an increased risk of bladder cancer. Remember the WHO is not one to say anything lightly!  We believe that good health begins in the gut and good water is essential towards achieving it.

Chlorination of water certainly kills the nasties that can live in water, and remember how I said that chlorination kills bacteria, chlorination has another unwanted effect on our bacteria. As you probably know your gastrointestinal tract, or gut, for short, is home to almost 100 trillion bacteria. Some bacteria are good and some bad. What you want is the smallest number of bad bacteria, and the highest number of good bacteria. These good bacteria are so important that we are working on introducing on our gelato soon! However, chlorination is not so kind, and chlorinated water kills all bacteria, good or bad and therefore it can be behind the weakening of your immune system. Good bacteria are good for our health, protecting and aiding our bodies, even helping absorb the good stuff in our food; When we drink tap water we ll be killing off good bacteria, lowering our immune system and  making it easier for the bad ones to take over.

What also concerns us also is if antibioitic are found in tap water Antibiotic resistance that will build while drinking water, and reading this link from the applied society of microbiology in America, it will explain this concern further and in more details*.

*(This paragraph has been rewritten to be clearer. )

So now you know why chlorinated water is not going in your Giapo Gelato sorbet!

We are reducing the use of plastic bottles ordering the big 15 litres tank reusable from the coming week.. therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

More on why Giapo uses Waiwera water next time, including how knowing about pH makes for yummy gelato at Giapo.

Written by

Gianpaolo Grazioli and Leslie Willis

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